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Raquf Orujov

Raquf Orujov was born in 1972 in the family of Raya and Ibrahim Orujov in Jinli village of Agdam region. The first son of the family, Raguf, had three brothers and one sister. Raquf Orujov, who served in the Soviet Army in 1990, left the army some time later and joined the ranks of the Azerbaijani Army in difficult times.
Raquf Orujov has received the necessary knowledge in two years at the Baku High Military School of Commanders.

Raquf Orujov, who graduated from that school in 1996, was later assigned to one of the military units in Baku, but a young officer preferred to be at the forefront. In 1996, he was assigned to Murovdag, who was on his side with the enemy, and continued to work as commander of the intelligence division.

From the beginning of April, 201, lieutenant-colonel Raquf Orujov joined the last battle. Colonel-lieutenant Raquf Orujov, who was killed on April 5 heroically, is buried in his hometown.

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